About My Work

I am a visual artist working in a variety of mediums including installation, sculpture, and drawing.

I create complex and abstract environments which serve to model my own conceptual narratives. I have developed a unique self taught method to generate flowing and rhythmical compositions that propagate and evolve; in short, this technique is the process of creating a language—which I refine and advance continuously as I make—composed of form, pattern, texture, light, and space. I employ a very wide range of materials from everyday products like pencils or cups to industrial grade building supplies—whatever my language demands. I then construct and deconstruct these materials to suite my needs regardless of the original purpose of my object.

My artwork begins with an idea which necessitates a language. As I create, both the idea and language evolve symbiotically. Due to a combination of deliberate strategy, adaptive improvisation, and discovery the end product of these efforts attains a high level maturity that would have been otherwise impossible.